Work Injuries

Work InjuriesRhode Island Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive program designed to provide the best possible outcome in the rehabilitation of work related injuries. The goal of our program is to take a client who has suffered an injury that impacts their ability to work and return them to their job at full capacity while reducing their risk of re-injury. For instance, a client may have been injured by repetitive overhead work, or bending and lifting of heavy boxes. Frequently, Certified Nurse Assistants experience serious back, neck, and muscular injuries from lifting and moving immobilized patients. RI Rehab physical therapists will work with the injured individual, first dealing directly with the injury itself using a variety of treatment techniques based on the patient’s injury. When the patient has progressed beyond pain reduction, and their musculoskeletal system is stable, the therapist can then simulate the client’s work activities with weights and props in the gym, teach them proper body mechanics and help them to strengthen the muscle groups required to do their job. The client is then able to return to their job with far less risk of re-injury.

At RI Rehab our experienced staff understand the challenges our clients face when recovering from a work-related injury. Our commitment is to design and administer a rehabilitation program to ensure the best possible outcome and a successful return to employment.

Therapy begins with a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation to identify both anatomical deficits (such as loss of flexibility and strength), symptoms and functional deficits, especially those that impact a patient’s ability to perform his or her job.

A goal directed physical therapy program is then initiated to address symptoms, correct deficits, and then progress to functional, job-related retraining with special attention to safety and body mechanics to prevent future injuries.