Women’s Health

RI Rehab’s Women’s Health Physical Therapy

The mission of RI Rehab’s Women’s Health Physical Therapy is to provide specialized women’s health services, an area of expertise that is currently underserved in the Rhode Island area. There is a clear cut need for services provided by women, for women, that can address a range of health issues that span many disciplines.

We utilize an integrative method that combines traditional physical therapy with holistic approaches to fit within the overall continuum of care. In addition to treating general orthopedic, neurological, and rheumatological disorders, our women’s health specialists treat specialized conditions such as pelvic floor and pre and postnatal issues and urinary incontinence.

Female patients dealing with sensitive health issues need an environment of care that is both comfortable and professional, with therapists who are truly in tune with their needs. We are passionate about leading the way in this new venture. We look forward to expanding our collaborations with the many Rhode Island physicians specializing in these areas of practice.