Sports Injury & Strength Conditioning

Sports Injury & Strength ConditioningRhode Island Rehabilitation Center therapists use a wide range of movement therapies designed to keep athletes conditioned without putting a strain on the injured parts of their bodies. They work to restore injured areas to their maximum range of motion and enable athletes to return to their previous level of strength and performance.

In addition to exercise routines designed for each sport and the needs of the individual athlete, RI Rehab has a full range of exercise equipment ranging from Pilates equipment, a full Nautilus circuit, pools (normally heated and therapeutically heated), free weights, Stairmasters, cross trainers, rowing machines, ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes — in short, a completely equipped gymnasium. Whirlpools and cryogenics are frequently utilized to reduce inflammation and are also recommended for the treatment of a variety of neuropathies.