Parkinson’s Disease

Rhode Island Rehabilitation Center is pleased to announce the addition of Parkinson’s Disease specific therapy to its programming.

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disease of the Central Nervous System that may affect one’s balance, ability to walk, ability to move, and ability to participate in activities that were once enjoyed. In addition Parkinson’s Disease can affect mood, the sound and quality of the voice, and present with unwanted tremors. However, the latest research has provided new and exciting ways to treat and cope with Parkinson’s Disease. One of the main findings has been that exercise and good support are key! Whether you are newly diagnosed, have been diagnosed for some time, or have a loved one who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Rhode Island Rehabilitation is committed to providing you support and the tools that you need in fighting what can be a devastating disease. Our dedicated physical therapists are committed to working as a team with your doctors, neurologists, and family to provide you the very best in care and support.

Backed by research and funding by the NIH, LSVT Big™ Therapy has proven to be an effective tool for managing and improving bradykinesia and hypokinesia. Research has proven that PD patients who have undergone LSVT Big™ Therapy demonstrate improvements in motor functioning, walking speed, stride length, balance and trunk rotation.

Our licensed Physical Therapists are here to help you get back on track with evidence-based methods that have been shown to help improve function and quality of life. Our therapists hold advanced certifications and are committed to working as a team with our patients, their caregivers and physicians to provide the very best in care and support.
RI Rehab Parkinson’s Disease Programs Include:

LSVT BIG™ Therapy – Four-week intensive gold standard exercise therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease

PD Aquatic Therapy – Uses the properties of water to improve balance and coordination while encouraging more freedom in movement

BIG Balance and Coordination – Uses LSVT BIG™ movements and music in a comfortably paced maintenance class