Multiple Sclerosis

Stroke & Neurological RehabilitationOptimism when fighting a life-altering disease is essential to good mental health. Knowledge of the newest advancements in MS care as well as the real power of a positive attitude are essential to arming yourself in the fight against MS. Strength of mind and body are not only possible but vital – RI Rehab plans to show the world that we have the Might for the Fight.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with MS for decades, the words “Multiple Sclerosis” can be fear-provoking. People who have been diagnosed with MS come from all walks of life, with varying age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, and socioeconomic status. MS can present itself in a multitude of ways – symptomology differs person to person and can be so varied that an individual may notice differing symptoms day to day. While our symptomology, background, and many other variables set us apart, we do share one major commonality: the importance of self-advocacy.

Our programs aim to personalize treatment to the individual, focus on goal setting, provide home exercise programming, and address deficits in any way, shape, or form in which they present. We will work closely with your neurologist in order to provide individualized baseline data as well as updates in status and clear tracking of improvements made throughout treatment.