Golf Performance Program

Golf Performance ProgramTitleist Certified Physical Therapy

Do you want to hit the ball longer? Shoot lower scores? Play golf without pain? RI Rehab’s Golf Performance Program can help to improve your game and overall fitness level without the fear of injury.

Gary Player and Tiger Woods have forever changed the way that golfers approach fitness and training. Tour players are hitting the ball further and attacking par 5’s in 2 more often because of their fitness regimens and off-course conditioning. Now that same level of golf specific training is available to you at RI Rehab with one-on-one sessions from a Titleist certified physical therapist.

Michael Calcagni is a licensed physical therapist who graduated with a doctoral degree from Franklin Pierce University. Michael played college golf for Neumann University in Pennsylvania and is still very active in the golf community, playing in local and state tournaments. Michael has extensive experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. This experience, combined with his skills as a scratch golfer, Golf Program Rack Card offers insight into the biomechanics of the golf swing and also the swing faults that result from physical limitations.

Michael will provide you with a comprehensive golf-specific physical examination (including video analysis) to identify physical limitations in strength and flexibility. The results of your evaluation will be compared to data compiled from the average measurements found on the PGA tour.

A personalized exercise and treatment plan will be established to improve balance, flexibility, strength and overall golf performance.

RI Rehab Golf Performance Evaluation and Fitness Program:

• 60-minute scheduled appointment
• 13-point physical evaluation
• Video analysis to determine physical limitations
• 1-hour follow up appointment to ensure proper form and advancement of exercises
• May be covered under many health insurance plans
• Private pay available